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Dale Higgins Pro Auction! ,

Dont miss this ! Link to Chuck Offenburgr !

CLICK ON       www.offenburger.com         What a tribute ! Thank you chuck!!

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Sent: Monday, August 22, 2011 9:05 AM
Subject: Photos & column posted now

Good morning Dale,


I’ve posted a column and 17 photos from the Watts auction on our site.  You’ll see the coverage starting on our home page at www.Offenburger.com.

Below the Feature Photos there are the top of the page, you’ll see my column, which includes all the photos.


If you want to send one link to people so they can see the column and all the photos, here’s the one to use: 



The sale was a great time – and as you’ll see in one photo my wife was a purchaser – and a real learning experience, too.


Nice work!



Chuck Offenburger


515-370-2659 (cell)


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